The 6 Ts of Instrument Flying

December 10th, 2017

Great pilots ought to dependably be thinking ahead about the plane.

You ought to dependably be asking yourself what’s next. What is the following thing(s) that you need to do, after you have finished your present errand?

Utilizing the 6 Ts will enable you to do only that.

The 6 Ts are:







You will not have to play out every one on each and every assignment. It basically relies upon the system you are performing. We should take a gander at them independently.
For this case, how about we apply the 6 Ts to flying a holding design. Consider every thing and what the following thing after that is.
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Which course would you say you are handing over the holding design?

Standard or non-standard example: i.e. right or left turns?


Unless generally expressed by ATC, every single inbound leg are one moment.

Subsequent to intersection the fix or moving wings level, start your clock for 1 minute inbound.

Make sure to alter your outbound leg so the inbound leg is 1 minute.

Contingent upon wind, and so on., you may have an outbound leg LONGER that 1 minute.


In the event that it’s a hold based off of a VOR, you may need to wind the OBS to the inbound course or the outbound course.

It is safe to say that you are traveling TO the VOR or AWAY from it? On the off chance that the inbound leg is traveling to the VOR, make sure to ensure that you have contorted the OBS so the marker demonstrates a “TO” sign and the right inbound course is chosen.


Do you have to modify your energy?

On the off chance that your planning isn’t right for the inbound leg, at that point you have to either apply control or diminish control. Keep in mind, you are enabled two excursions around the example to hit the nail on the head.


Do you have to converse with ATC?

ATC may request that you report crossing the fix or something comparable. This one truly becomes an integral factor when you are performing methodologies or technique turns.


This one is entirely basic, yet shockingly, it gets overlooked a considerable measure.

Make sure to track your course, either inbound or outbound.

When I am flying a holding design, I solicit myself each from these things, at each phase of the example. I continually experience every one and it keeps me on my diversion, remaining engaged and flying a decent example.

When I come to one undertaking that I don’t have to utilize, I just proceed onward to the following one. Keep in mind, simply keep it basic!

Utilizing the 6 Ts of instrument flying will make your life a considerable measure less demanding whenever you stall out in a holding example or shoot that instrument approach down to essentials in IMC.